UFO Sighting in Comox, British Columbia on 1985-08-20 00:00:00 – Was silver and round shaped, went from invisible to brightest light in the sky.

In 1986 i was on a cadet training hike. our 2 divisions ended up camping at a site at comox lake bc. our tent had collapsed and we were laying in our sleeping bags just chatting and staring at the night sky and id’ing constellations. i was looking towards the south east at a star structure i had not seen before. what caught my attention at first was the stars in this ‘constellation’ seemed top be in a perfect triangle. while i was looking at this, all of a sudden another light suddenly appeared near the center of the triangle. this light(ufo) started to move in no particular pattern but never left the imaginary lines making the triangle of stars. it would fade almost to nothing move around then all of a sudden it would get real bright and move around radically some more. it continued to do this for about 15 mins. i said to my hike partner,’holy sh** do you see that?’ he replied you mean that wired light moving around up there?’ i was good you see it too!’ his reply was ‘i didn’t want to say anything unless i knew you saw it too’. it was very quiet as others who were with us saw it as well. i called over to my friend who was also on his tent with his partner. “hey jim do you see that?’ he replied ‘ oh thank christ you see it too!, me a chuck thought we were seeing things so we kept our mouths shut!’ my reply was ‘well damn i think we are witnessing a ufo!’… there was no reply and we never did discuss what we saw again… i will submit 2 more reports of sightings, 1 is much like this and happened in 2012…

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