UFO Sighting in Prince George, British Columbia on 2012-05-31 00:00:00 – Shining silver disc

During a nice summer evening i stepped out to the yard have smoke and look at the sky, i always look to south area. the reason, when i was a kid my dad was in the rcaf and we lived at cfs baldy hughes which was a radar station on the pine tree line. being curious i listened to the service men bs, and occasionally they would mention an anomaly seen on the scopes up the hill.(where the radar sets were). anyways because of this and my having witnessed a ufo before i wondered if i would see one again. well that night it happened. sure enough a light appeared out of no where, it hovered for a few seconds then started to move in a random flight pattern, it seemed to revolve on it axis a couple times and it would go very bright, then dim to almost invisible. it reminded me of the experience i reported about i had in 1986 in comox. after a couples minutes i said to myself ‘idiot get your camera!’ so i ran inside and back out, it was still there just hovering so i started to record it. it started to do the same radical movements with the dimming and getting bright again. it continued to do so for another 3 mins or so then it went bright and disappeared. i have to search my media and hopefully i can find the recording to submit at a later date. i told my dad about it, and showed him the video. he was not surprised, and said the guys on the hill(radar techs) quite often, had an unknown visitor that hung out in the same area quite often. they scrambled fighters a couple times but by the time they got there it would be gone. so they stopped reporting it, as it was just there, didn’t seem to do any thing but observe and move around a bit. i have 1 more sighting to report from a year ago in the same general area.

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