UFO Sighting in Morgantown, West Virginia on 2016-11-06 00:00:00 – Looked like a triangular bombing plane at first but had 8 lights all long small and triangular

I was walking alone at early night to get a nice view of the stars in my neighbors field, which i am not allowed in, as i reached the hills peak i noticed south east that their was a mid size object moving swiftly toward me at mid speed with eight lights to the side of it the ufo was boomerang shaped with a little rear, it was very small as i saw it turning toward the east and disappearing in the tree line, it made no noise and was very swift at turning and just a little to low and slow for a plane, my neighbors also have seen many ufos in this field, i have saw about three this one interesting me the most, and in the field there are grass stains of what looks to be like very many circular ufos landing in the field pushing the grass down, the field is also what used to be a strip mine not used anymore.

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