UFO Sighting in Snyder, Texas on 2016-12-31 16:57:00 – We saw two silver spherical objects hovering to the east and southeast then they started to slowly fade away into nothing.

My girlfriend and i were driving home from grocery shopping in snyder heading back to spur on highway 208 when i noticed a bright shiny silver ball hovering about 500 ft in front of us to the southeast. i said “what is that!?!” she first thought it was a helicopter because it wasn’t moving; that’s until it slowly started disappearing and fading away into nothing. then we immediately saw another one to the east and that also started to fade away. she pulled over and i grabbed my phone to record it, but by the time we got out it was completely gone. it was eerily quiet, and of course being west texas we were the only vehicle on the road. we were awestruck and excited that we both witnessed something unexplainable.

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