UFO Sighting in Walla Walla, Washington on 2016-12-31 13:05:00 – Glowing white round object w/tail moved slowly across sky, hovered and kept going. no noise. no trail. clear skies, no aircraft.

This incident occurred when i was outside filling the the bird feeder. clear blue sky day, no wind, very quiet. i looked up to see if our resident hawk was in his tree and noticed this bright white round object with a tail above me. it was not an aircraft as its forward section was visibly round. it moved very slowly, w/o sound and then hovered above the tree. after a few seconds, it continued moving from sw to s. i ran into the house to get my camera. i was not scared or agitated, just very curious. the object had traveled a short way. i took a few pictures with my canon using a zoom. it eventually disappeared behind trees on the horizon. there was no trail in the sky.

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