UFO Sighting in Hopewell Junction, New York on 1984-08-01 20:00:00 – Extremely large object comes to a hover as we were lighting off mortars

I’ve wanted to contact your group for quite some time about this event and am doing so because i believe i have lost time.

very simply, this sighting was 100% brought on by me and my two friends lighting off mortars late summer of 1984. it was around the 3rd or 4th shell where we heard a very dull, low base hum and there it was directly across from us, hovering low off the horizon.

we stood there and it hovered. flashing lights, typical for what you might think you would see. 1200ft across and about 300 -400 ft wide. i really think they were waiting for us to light off another one, but instead my friends dad was running up the stairs because his mom was screaming, “get the camera! get the camera!”

not much after that it made like a “pop” sound and had this tiny few seconds of a crawl away from us then bam! it was gone.

the whole incident was beautiful and exciting, but what happened after is the part why i’m contacting you. this all occurred a little after dusk and i had a very very strict italian father who literally would punish me if i was home at 9:01 ( my curfew was 9:00am).

i got home at 11:05! the incident was over at 8:30pm the latest and for me to ride my bike to my house was no longer than 8 minutes. the crazy part is i came home soaking wet, drenched in fact with perspiration and my parents were like “its ok…Go to bed”

and i did. i just went to my room and for around 3-4 years i couldn’t remember at all that the night occurred. my two other friends refused to talk about it and both of this kids parents are dead now. i really have no issue with the sighting, but now i’ve come to regret not knowing why i have lost time and i think this lapse has somehow altered my life a bit.

so i want to know what happened during those lost hours.

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