UFO Sighting in Mesa, Arizona on 2017-01-01 20:40:00 – 3 lights same color as street lights in v formation seen while driving. when i was able to stop and look the lights turned into one and disappeared heading north into clouds

I had just left my mother’s and stopped to get dinner. when i turned onto my street i noticed a light to my right which was north. my first thought was it was the freeway lights that are right behind my house. when i stopped my car and took a good look there where three lights in the form of a v or upside down triangle. the lights did not blink on and off. we live right in the flight path of falcon field airport i see plane and helicopter lights every day of my life. these where nothing i have ever seen before. pulling into my drive way i lost sight of the lights. i went inside set my food and baby down and ram or the back door to find them again. i still could not see them. so i ran back or front and across the street on to my neighbors drive way and i could see the lights had now become one light and was either moving away very slowly or the clouds in the sky covered it up. the light did become lighter in color. myv husband came out in time to see the one light disappear. i felt nervous and excited at the same time. on my way to pick up my kids after this i feel odd like and a little scared.

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