Black Triangle Sighting in Bonney Lake, Washington on 2017-01-02 23:50:00 – Saw 3 lights in a triangle shape like a big ufo. then a smaller closer triangular craft hovering

If you look on a map my brother and i were headed east on rhodes lake rd. coming from my brother’s house on the corner of angeline rd. and rhodes lake rd. when we pulled onto the road we immediately noticed 3 white lights shaped like a giant triangle ufo over downtown bonney lake to our north. it was very low on the horizon and we could only see it through trees. then we got to the corner of rhodes lake rd. and 198th ave. when we noticed another craft almost directly above us, this one was much closer and i could make out it’s shape. it was illuminated by white and red lights and was triangular with rounded corners, but 3d obviously. it was slowly spinning. i noticed it wasn’t moving and then it immediately started moving west about as fast as you see a plane move but this was much closer than a plane so it must have been going much slower than that. then it stopped again for a second and started going southwest at a considerable speed. that’s when i lost it in the tree line and nothing else after.

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