UFO Sighting in North Alton, Texas on 2016-12-31 23:45:00 – I was walking out the door and noticed the lights moving from right to left and they moved in a slow speed. they faded out one by one in the spot. i saw no aircrafts at that time of sighting.

I was walking out the door around 11:45 facing the north to see fireworks and i noticed the lights in the distance .I knew immediately it was not an aircraft of any sort i actually thought they were fireworks at first.I walked to the road to my left to get a better view. the lights seemed to be moving at the same speed and they were moving right to left. they didnt pulse and remained lit at all times i watched it.I didn’t feel scared or anything just more in doubt about what i was seeing. it was kinda cloudy but they were below the clouds. i was actually amazed by the whole incident. i watched them for about 5 minutes maybe less than that and they faded out one by one in the same spot.They didn’t make any sound that i could hear because of fireworks in the proximity.I watched them fade and i continued to watch for more but didn’t see any after that.

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