UFO Sighting in San Juan, Texas on 2017-01-01 00:00:00 – Saw one rise above trees coming in my direction. it was pulsating and it stopped to change direction away from us going northerly

Outside watching neighborhood fireworks when i noticed a red-orange pulsating fuzzy oval shape come towards me from the ne. at arms length a penny would be about right to cover the size.

i first thought it could have been one of those lantern things, but the size and the behavior was off. it was not lanterns, fireworks, drones or aircraft. it appeared under intelligent control. it was coming towards me, then stopped for about a minute then it changed course going away from me towards the north.

i had called my daughter to come see as it was getting smaller in the distance. it was then a second shape with the same description appeared and did the exact same maneuvers. so..This one had two witnesses.

like the other one, it too did a skittering jerky but slow appearance pulsating the entire time. it also made a full stop as if to observe us observing it, it continued to pulse. it then made a slow turn to our left and retreated toward the north. it seemed to dissolve in the distance.

i considered both objects to be about a ‘block’ away from us. if nothing else, i find it interesting to have a sighting like that going stealthily into neighborhood fireworks. i felt slightly amused by the experience because i have seen strange things in the skies before in my lifetime. my daughter felt apprehensive. i will continue to watch the skies…Perhaps it will return.

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