UFO Sighting in Odessa, Texas on 2017-01-03 19:00:00 – Bright object observered every visible night.

This is a object i reported in 2016 and filed by mufon in november.Visible from 5.40 to 8.30.Phone pictures are zoomed all it has 4x.Then when i zoom picture to 4x shots get wild now you can see plus sign or cross.Daylight orbs are visible have counted still over a hundred north and south when object comes in veiw .As of recent have noticed 3 lights in triangle.Also the bouys i call them set up around odessa three of them they stay allnight til day light im up late and get up before daylight there visible others have seen now.Hope you get mufon investigators here to properly document.This is a what the heck is going on time and of all places here in same area chem trails run non stop over same direction even nigtly.Funny this is not a star to all come see for yourself….

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