UFO Sighting in Québec City, Quebec on 2016-01-04 00:00:00 – I had multiple encounters of many kind. still happening. they are helping me…

(excuse my english i am a frenchman) i have been visited for many years now. many sorts of encounters.

here are a few example of these encounters:

they are helping me to build alian technologies.

i am related to our pleadian star brothers.

i have experienced a star gate: a blue woman talked to me for a long time. i was with a friend. we where 2 in the forest, in the night when this occured.
this pleadian lady has helped me since my birth.

they provide a real protection for me in case my life would be in danger.
the protection comes from an other race.They gave me like a mantra to call for them if i need help.
this next story show’s me that this mantra is efficient: one night i was leaving my girlfriend’s house. it was a cold and clear night. i could hear my footstep on the snow. involuntarely i pronounced the sounds of this special mantra. and in a split second later 2 cigar shape craft stoped right behind airplane going dounw to the airport of montreal.
then we had a telepathic communication. then they whent to the north and stoped again. then i had an other communication: it was something like: ok, now you see it works. don’t do it again.

many many times, they have also help me in my energetic bodies.

many times they wake me up in the night and give me informations, mostly for technologies, maths,geometry figures, etc.

they ofthen come over the place where i build the technologies.

i had the priviledge to encounter many alian races.
some of my close friends are hybrids…

i am sharing this because i need financial support to build the technologies. these technologies are for the well beeing and advancement of the human race. never for warfare !!

please do not post this message to the public. contact me if you can help me. if not just discard this message.

best regards


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