UFO Sighting in Houston, Texas on 2016-11-17 18:52:00 – When i was driving i saw them flying slowly and steadily, heading eastern. i took the photo by iphone when waiting for red traffic light.

When i drove along the road toward eastern going home as usual i saw three white, bright and round objects in front of the sky (more than one mile away). they flied slowly and steadily toward eastern, precisely speaking toward a little bit northeastern. i could hardly judged whether they descended or just flied farer and farer from me. because at that time point(18:52, central time zone) the traffic was still crowded and the speed of vehicles were slow, it made me possible to visualize the moving objects in front of the sky. my first reaction was that they should be (either police or army) helicopters , in some action, e.G. training, or drill or something else. but quickly i realized that they are too bright to be the helicopters. the helicopters should show much more dimmer at that distance and not as round spots as the flying objects. then i started to get my iphone with one hand while i held steer wheel with another hand. fortunately, just before the bright objects away from my sight i encountered the red traffic lights, so i could stopped my car, unlock iphone, open the camera, focus and take two photos (almost the same) in very limited time. when i had to restart driving the objects were away from my sight in less than one minute.

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