UFO Sighting in Long Beach, California on 2017-01-03 21:15:00 – 9::15 pm observed a bright “star”. i looked at it through binoculars and was surprised!! i have video and photos from iphone.

1-3-17 i was closing our blinds for evening and noticed a bright “star” over the ocean.9:15pm ..Over san pedro/long beach. i decided to take out my binoculars and look. i was surprised to see this large engery ball with one of less shine north, then another one dull west and east the south orb was the brightest. i took video and still shots with my iphone. it did not capture what i saw in detail. the orb actually danced with red, blue green and blue auras of lights. it looked like a round ball of dna with lines and perfect shapes inside of it. then it changed and looked similar to the new york crystal ball dropping on new years. i watched it for about an hour just fascinated. the ball that was the brightest broke in three pieces and shot off.
tonight 1-4-17, it was out there again at 7pm. my husband saw what i saw last night and then it disappeared. my husband did a search with aircraft in the area…There was something there, but not identified as a plane.

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