UFO Sighting in Orlando, Florida on 2017-01-01 01:00:00 – We say 15 of them of close proximity within one another!!! too fast to be manmade

Me and my friends were lighting small fireworks outside in a park and one of my friends told us all to look up at sky! we saw fifteen white lights all super close proximity among another and too fast to be an airplane followed by 2 more of the same lights. it was approximately 1am when we saw the lights. they could’ve been military or something but they were way too close! i don’t think planes are supposed to fly that close and that fast. there are some articles on the news of reported sightings that same night but the people that were lucky enough to be able to catch it on camera (we couldn’t see it on our phone cameras) but their reports only show two of the 15 total lights that we saw on the sky! the second i noticed the lights i was thinking to myself it was probably some sort of military excercise or something i still think it could be because i’m usually skeptical when it comes to aliens but ufos stand for i identified flying object and i know for one fact: there were fifteen ufos in the sky that same night. we had even told a couple people before it got on the news but we refrained from telling everyone we knew about it since we didnt really care but now that it’s over the news i know we’re not crazy!! i understand i’m not 18 yet but don’t let this prevent the expansion of the future of space science! we know what we saw and we just would like to report it! my friends are 18 but i’m not spending more time than i already have to have to ask them and to have to wait to put in a full on detailed report of the scene.

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