Black Triangle Sighting in Atlanta, Georgia on 2016-11-05 18:28:00 – Object was traveling in plane site day time. later interagation of video showed more interactions.

Ufo sighting 8.5.2016
total observation 68 seconds.
the latitude usa is 33.865105, and the longitude is -84.336594. brookhaven, ga, usa. gps coordinates 33° 51′ 54.3780” n and 84° 20′ 11.7384” w

main ufo object
(all measurements are approximate)
heading 240 deg sw
2 miles distance
1000/2000 feet elevation.
speed slow with no change in speed.

first video:
interception buy second ufo lasting within 1 second of video at mark 17 sec from heading 65 deg ne. starts below and makes a 45 degree approach and out of frame.

third ufo is between 25-26 seconds. comes in from top right of video. intercepts main ufo.

fourth ufo is longer and just above the moon and passes between the clouds. never interacts with main ufo.

second video:
fifth ufo is in second video. @4 seconds in, enters bottom left and curves to top left. does not intersect the main object.

sixth ufo is in @13 seconds in, enters bottom right and exits mid left. does not intersect with the main object.

i have more closeup stills if needed, but want your analysis.

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