UFO Sighting in Vernonia, Oregon on 2017-01-05 20:20:00 – Was outside in my rural yard, looking due east when a pulsating light appeared.

I went outside in my rural property to check the temperature and have a cigarette. i was looking due east off my back porch, and i saw a pulsating, hovering light appear.
there were no sounds, and no other possible way a person could be flashing any sort of light thru the trees as we are very rural.
the sphere was pulsating between a green, red, blue and darker color. i have never seen anything like that appear in that direction before.
it could not have been a star, it was way too low in the sky.
my husband came to see it, and tried to rationalize it.
he returned to the house, and i continued to observe it. felt like it was almost hypnotizing.
then it just disappeared. i moved around trying to find it again, looked all over the sky. it had just vanished.

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