UFO Sighting in Morrisville, Pennsylvania on 2017-01-06 00:00:00 – Large flying rectangular object with lights on each end. we thought it was 2 planes but got close enough to see one very large object.

My husband, our young son & i were going out for dinner at 7pm. we were driving down w trenton ave, making a left turn at a traffic light into plaza shopping center. my husband was driving and i said “wow, those planes are pretty low flying”… he looked up & agreed. we pulled into the shopping center parking lot and realized that it was not 2 planes. it was one big rectangular object with blinking lights on either side, now over the shopping center gym. we kept trying to figure out what it was… maybe a weather balloon or a drone or extra large helicopter, but it was none of those things. we followed it out of the parking lot into the neighborhood apartment complex behind it. the object looked like it turned over & flipped on its side in the air & then we lost sight of it. we did see a plane in the area about 2 minutes later, but did not look military and it was high up. i immediately googled if there was any strange aircraft in morrisville tonight, like a weather balloon & even posted on facebook to see if anyone else in our neighborhood saw anything strange in the sky, tonight. as of now, only one response- someone mentioned bright lights flashing in their apartment around 7pm… this person lives 4 blocks from where we had the weird sighting. hoping for an explanation as to what we saw! i had my iphone in my hand the entire sighting but was too interested in trying to figure out what we were looking at to even use it.

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