UFO Sighting in Tucson, Arizona on 2017-01-06 10:42:00 – White cigar shaped object with flapping wing and horizontal stabilizers(?) near the tail end of the object

My friend was coming to pick me up at home. while driving a white object with flapping wings and possibly a horizontal stabilizer located near the rear (don’t think front) of the object. bigger than an ultra-lite vehicle. at first glance, he thought it was an exceptionally large bird. it was traveling in a straight line, west to east, over a desert wash. my friend described being dumbfounded, surprised and curious. the object was still visible as he crossed it’s flight path, south to north. lost sight of object when arriving at my home. we drove back to the exact location where it was observed. my friend is very intelligent, level headed and has a calm demeanor. he was not frightened, simply surprised at first sight, then very curious. bigger than a bird. he estimated it was as long as a car. couldn’t be an airplane because of flapping wings. blimp ruled out because of wings. object estimated to be 1,000 feet away. hard to determine distance from ground, but it was about as high as the electric lines.


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