UFO Sighting in Alaska on 2017-01-07 20:55:00 – Stepped outside, appeared to see a red orange star, then others appeared in cross formation.

7 jan 2017, approximately 2055, weather is clear -8f with no wind. went to let the dog out, and have a smoke, see what appeared to be a large red/orange star just above the tree line across the street. was loading the star walk app on my iphone, thinking it was a planet, however when i looked back up, there were at least 5 objects, all the same color in a cross formation. i attempted to use my phone to record the image, however they would not show very well. i did take images of the surrounding area, the house light, christmas lights, as well as the moon in reference. my folks also witnessed these.

when i made it to the end of the driveway for a better visual of the lights, they were in a star formation. (see attached images for pattern as well as numbers i assigned to them). they were hovering motionless, with no noticeable noise emitting from them. these objects appeared round with a white and yellow-orange light in the middle, while the outer edges were a darker red-orange.There was no noticeable navigational lights (no red, green, white or strobes). object 3 began to move to the left (south southeast) towards object 2, object 2 begins to move in the same direction. object 4 and 5 begin to move towards the right (southwest/ west-southwest), object 1 appeared to gain altitude and left towards the south southwest.

after the objects broke formation, you could see 3 of them through the tree tops heading southeast (roughly towards jber). then one of the objects became visible through the trees stopping at roughly appeared to be the same location first located at. a second one appeared a few seconds later, they both seemed to move around, changed direction 2-3 times then hovered again. once again there was no noticeable noise. one of the objects then moved quickly south southeast and out of sight. the last remaining one just sat motionlessly in the air, it was at this time, my dog began to get nervous, antsy and began to whine. my father used his flashlight (rigid industries halo 800) and pointed it at the last object, it did not reflect any light. i then used the strobe feature on the same flashlight twice. the object almost immediately left to the south.

i did notice a small private plane, flying east to west at an unknown altitude. if i had to guess it was 500-1500ft.

i used my compass feature to check the bearings of the sightings direction, with the house light and the moon. the moon was between 165-168 degrees and roughly an inch to an inch and a half above the treeline, the house light 210-215 degrees, from my observational position. the objects appeared to be an inch to an inch and a half above the house light.

there is a private airstrip that is part of our neighborhood.

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