UFO Sighting in Bishop, California on 2013-02-08 12:30:00 – 3 ufo’s decending from mothership over sierra mountains

I was sitting in passenger seat of my friends jeep and was looking west at tbe sierra mountains. and suddenly appeared what look like a massicd upside down triangular shaped object hovering over the mountains so i grabed my iphome and snapped a photo and saw 3 ships leave this massive flyimg object. one of tbe ships look like a jelly fish.. then they all just vanaished into the air after ii snapped the photo. i was in disbelief until i looked at my iphone amd realized that i caputred it before they vanished. the event lasted about 10-15 seconds… i couldntt believe what i witnessed. i was telling my self i must have imagined what i saw until i looked at my photo on my iphone and realized i actually captured it and couldnt stop examing my photo. the druver when i told her what ii just witnessed was in denial until i showed her my photo.. she was still in denial untill we pulled over and took a closer look to make sure it wasnt some light reflection on tbe clouds .. after upon careful examiinarion she believed me and was blown away.. the emotions icoursing throughb me was pure adrenaline, i was completely shocked me that i actually capttured a ufo !!! on my iphone !!!

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