UFO Sighting in Fort Worth, Texas on 2017-01-07 07:00:00 – I wake up, the sun is fake, every day… and no one told us, we are of course, the arcs told me. they care

This is the real sun now. it’s changed, i dont know what exactly when, but it was here real recent. soemthing happened, we dont remember much, but it did, some of us ascended, some of us havent. some of us wont. but this is your sun for now, until we find a place to park, if we can, hahah fantastical thinking, … we are literally living still, because we are leaving behind little magnifying glasses… to concentrate a beam of light, to sustain earth, coz the damn clouds wont make themselves anymore, well…The boeing guys spray them in the air, everyone thinks they are bad, they are.. .But, if they didn’t do it, we’d schorch, they try to give us sunny days, but they really can’t, we’d die… another amnesia event soon, i think it’ll be the humane putting to sleep of us all, of all of us that didn’t make it underground, see… there are no nuclear bombs, … no nuclear war, …. this is what it comes to, a wayward lost planet, strung along by man made magnifying glasses… not a flat earth in a fish bowl… not a globe doing a celestial dance…No…. just us, on a rock, passing thru strange lands, … hoping we dont run out of magnifying glasses.

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