UFO Sighting in Georgia on 2013-08-01 00:00:00 – Saw red white star-like object, stared for roughly 4 seconds then took the fuck off

I was fishing at glade marina on lake allatoona in acworth, ga on e-dock. i was alone. prone to stargazing, i looked up and saw what appeared to be a very pretty and unusual star. i noticed it had a white to red glow almost separate from each other. it just looked cool. i want to say it was 4 seconds, but honestly it was maybe only two…. when the object took off at inhuman speed. at the time my first thought was to call somebody so i knew i wasn’t dreaming. and years later as i’m finally reporting this sighting, i realize how valuable those calls would later become helping me shake away the inevetible onset of doubt that comes over time. it was the single most amazing yet terrifying moment of my life. i consider myself very lucid and am typically a skeptic. but this event was real, like nothing i’ve ever seen before, it happened. you won’t find what i saw on youtube. i’ve tried. life feels very differnet… like my galactic innocence was lost that day. so here i am years after, at 1:12 am… awake thinking about that moment. finally reporting the incendent.

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