Black Triangle Sighting in Stanley, England on 2017-01-09 05:24:00 – 7 white lights 3 red in an triangle pattern the two red ran up the center left of the craft

Whilst letting my dogs out i noticed a group of white lights in a triangle formation with three red light running up the inside left of the white lights. the craft was moving slowly from north east to south east. it passed over my head and carried on into the distance.
i could tell the object was solid because it had a very distinctive black outline.
the sighting lasted around 10 seconds. very strange i am so used to seeing aircraft but this was nothing normal at all. i felt very alone and was frozen whilst watching this craft. my dogs that i was letting out at the time started barking at the object as it flew overhead! i really thought it was a plane until it got closer and could see it definitely was not! i felt as though i saw something i should not have and was quite shaken.

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