UFO Sighting in Shamong, New Jersey on 2016-12-26 01:00:00 – Luminous anomoly that pulsated colors and moved abruptly

On december 29, 2016, at 1:00 am, i was outside my home to take the dog out when i noticed a very bright, cross shaped “star”. it appeared brighter than any other stars in nearby constellations, which could be observed in the clear southern night sky. this anomaly appeared to pulsate, change color, and moved slowly, with abrupt changes in direction.

i immediately retrieved my cell phone and nikon digital camera. with a clear view of this anomaly, and while holding the cameras steady, over the course of two hours, i was able to capture 44 still digital pictures and several good videos. the anomaly remained at the time i went inside my home.

over the past two years, i have observed, recorded, and reported similar anomalies in this same south/southeast area of the night sky. close ups reveal a multi-colored “chain” or tube like anomaly that moves at random and appears to morph as quickly as digital photos can be taken. digital video shows a bright blue orb type anomaly, quickly moving about while appearing brighter or dimmer at random (possibly due to rapidly changing its distance from the observer).

coincidentally, on this same evening two years ago, i observed and reported an identical appearing anomaly, in this same south/southeast area. that case, with digital evidence, is on record in the mufon cms.

please note: i am a certified mufon nj field investigator.

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