Alien Encounter in Lewisberry, Pennsylvania on 1957-07-14 19:00:00 – Lost as a child app 7 hrs woods brother said i went to sleep on rock could not wake search by fire police frends mother said a star told her where to find me no memory of from time lost till found lost time at times in my life scars scoop marks just show

When i was about 5 or 6 yr old my brother and i were playing by a stream my brother said i laid down on a rock and fell asleep . he could not wake me so he went home.No one could find me . the police fire co and friends and family searched for me for about 7 or 8 hrs. my mother said a star told her where i would be found. my uncle told her they already searched that area but my mother insisted they look again. this is where they found me. i recall playing by the stream the next thing i recall is standing in the dark woods and my uncles finding me. i have had times in my life with lost time figures by my bed scars and scoop marks that just show up do not know when or how they got there.Scars in back of l/h ear and r/h arm 2 scoop marks on inner left leg.I have seen many ufos over the years one as close as 50 ft. away one app. 500ft. away that i reported to mufon last year. i am a nite person so i just watch !

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