Alien Encounter in Sedona, Arizona on 2015-02-28 00:00:00 – I saw no ufo, just the three beings

I live in phoenix and was heading up to sedona to go hiking with some friends early in the morning. it was march or april and i remember shortly after a full moon. i worked nights so was often up late on my days off being used to sleeping days. we were to meet at bell rock in village of oak creek about 630 am. i couldn’t sleep so i drove up during the night and thought i’d nap in the truck when i got there. i pulled into the bell rock parking area between the circle k and bell rock about 4am. no other cars where there it was a clear night. as i drove around the parking lot past the restrooms i turned my truck around and packed into the parking space. as i was backing in my headlights shined directly onto three creatures that were in the weeds about 20 feet from the public restroom. one was about 5.5 feet and two small ones about 3 feet each. they looked exactly alike but for the size. they were round a puffy like a gingerbread man cookie. over sized head area, two arms, trunk and two legs. color was dull grey and where the face would be was like woven metal.

this looked like a space suit. the color was the same top to bottom but for the woven area over the face. it reflected a bit of light from my headlights but was mostly very dull grey. the two smaller ones were in front of the larger one. at the same time the two smaller ones turned sideways and moved towards the restroom. from the front they looked fat, again, like the gingerbread cookie, maybe a couple feet wide but when they turned sideways to leave they were only about an inch thick. they had height and width but scant thickness. the arms bent where a human would bend, at the wrist and elbow. there were feet but very thin, about an inch thick. the heads also about an inch thick. the tall one was facing me, the headlights of my truck. the two smaller ones took a few steps to the left and i pulled out of the parking lot quickly and drove off. i drove fast and went to the circle k next to the parking lot. i looked back to see if a ship would take off but saw nothing. i never saw any craft at any time, just the three beings. i ended up driving back to phoenix and didn’t go hiking with my friends that day.

i was shocked at how scared i was and how i wished i had followed up or tried to make contact but it was very frightening to me even though i always wanted to stumble on possible space creatures. this experience was very unnerving and i’ve never gone back to sedona at night again.

i had one experience prior to this, 1997 the phoenix lights. the first craft of the evening. i was on my way home from working in mesa to my home in phoenix. the huge craft which, from my viewpoint took up 75% of the horizon, the left wing of the boomerang shaped craft flew about 30 feet over the front of my truck. i stuck my head out of the door and could see the colorful circle of light that powered the craft (?). it looked like boiling orange crush soda bubbling around but upside down, at the bottom of the wing.

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