UFO Sighting in Northampton, England on 2016-11-25 00:00:00 – Thought was north star then starts to move

This was what i thought was a star i was looking at it and got a headache presumed was nothing i was in bed my bed faces the window (or did i moved it after this) curtains always open. cloudless night bit chilly. i saw the star move thought it was me as in eyesight but it then kept doing it. i checked for cloud cover but this was going up and down etc but just in and out (as in clouds going past) i got back in bed and read a bit looked up it was still doing it but more so so decided to video it and it then started to go haywire. i’m not necessarily a believer in ufo as such but this is a unexplained moving object so it is what it is. i stopped videoing as felt sick and head hurt and it just was not stopping. i’m not sure how long it went on for
ps the video is in a file called restored the video is not restored if that makes sense i needed to upload it back to my phone to send this as it had stored on one drive (just in case in the embedded detail it shows up as “restored”
thanks again hope u maybe able to identify this as i have no idea
and yes my hands are steady i was not wafting my hands all over the place when videoing!

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