UFO Sighting in Texas on 2003-12-29 05:29:00 – I observed 2 oval shaped objects going into a slit in the sky in close proximity to where i was. the incident lasted approximately 5 to 10 seconds.

On december 29th 2013 at 5:29 a.M.I was delivering newspapers for the san antonio express-news. it was a very cold and it was raining with thunder and lighting. i was about to porch a paper at 906 cravens and i was concerned about the lightning and i looked up at the sky and saw 1 object appeared green and oval but bullet shaped but only the upper part of a bullet.I saw a vertical line, short but dark in color like a pencil mark. the first object started going into this slit and then another object, same as the first appear. it was offset from the first,but as i looked it became transparent. at that point i saw it only it in outline form. in dead center was a perfectly round white ball.Through the transparency of the object i could actually see the sky and lighting. then the second object went into the slit and disappeared. i was stunned at what i had just witnessed and stood there with my mouth open, literally. the incident took about 5 to 10 seconds. at first i thought it was at a good distance but then as i collected my thoughts, i realized that it was quite close to me. as a stargazer since i was 9 yrs old, i am always looking up at the sky hoping to see something. i do believe that we are not alone in the universe and always hoped to see a ufo before i die. so as i saw these objects, the first thing i thought was that it was a perfect storm for this to happen. i believe these objects were probes and the slit they went into was a portal into another dimension. i have read many books and articles, ancient aliens and anything that i can find to acquire as much knowledge about this subject. so i immediately noted the date and time that this occurred. i wasn’t looking at the sky as i usually do because of the weather conditions i was only concerned about the lighting. i did experience feeling paranoid about thinking about this. almost afraid to tell anyone, which i did to only my best friend. at this he responded that he wished he had what ever i was on. so i never spoke about it to anyone. only now do i feel safe to disclose what i saw that night.I did write about it and drew the objects but i couldn’t find those notes. i can draw them again but don’t know how to upload them.

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