UFO Sighting in Richland, Washington on 2014-07-02 14:05:00 – 12 giant orbs filled me with sound and energy

During ce-5 12 ships showed up ,the first appeared as an eagle shape then 11 more appeared,made a digital noise filling me with energy.I was at the pool with my kids.Also i couldnt sleep this day,the next day i was exhausted,so i took a nap,astral projected,when i woke all electronics in the house was scrambled,phones,microwave,cable,everything had to be rebooted. i was taken way out into the stars,by a figure holding my hand.But i saw them at the pool,surrounded by ppl,noone saw them but me,id taken video,and photos. after this,ships show up alot now. triggered an awakening in me…

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