UFO Sighting in Toronto, Ontario on 1992-07-12 22:30:00 – Walking dog wooden path , seen lights in path walk towards light disc 3 alien beings dog fear trying to stop me the overwhelming fear struck almost artificial went away from craft fear disappeared. my hair turn gray

I was taking my dog rocky for a walk through a wooded trail at earl bales park on bathurst street by shepherd in north york. it was approximately 1030 at night i seen lights in the distance in the path i knew it couldn’t be a car cause the path is too small i was expecting to see a atv or something with high beam lights on it…Instead as i approached my dog was overwhelmed with fear was crying and trying to stop me continuing on my path towards the light moments later and overwhelming fear came over me as this was all happening i observed a craft that was already landed with lights on it and three small beings approximately 3 feet tall frantically working on a craft as if there was a problem with it the overwhelming fear came became so strong that i had to leave the park path area when i reach the public parking lot if you’re suddenly went away, it almost felt as if it was artificially telepathically send into my head i wish there was a police vehicle or other witnesses to go back into the woods with me . it was too frightening all that came into my head was being up ducted and not ever being able to come back to my planet earth again as silly as it sounds but the time is pretty real where craft was metallic looking in appearance it was approximately 20 feet in diameter . 8 feet tall at the tallest point coming down to disk shape edge . it was shiny and is giving off a lot of light it was disc shaped and had three landing feet or landing pods on the ground it was landed was not hovering i did not see any doors or windows i did see three alien beings frantically working on the craft as if they were trying to repair something .

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