UFO Sighting in Little Rock, Arkansas on 2017-01-12 18:00:00 – Red blinking light ,with white light center beem when hovering

Siting on my roofed back porch,facing north this evening at 6pm,i saw a faint red light and within a two seconds it was very very close and low and it stopped no sound and it had a white light glowing in center with red blinking lights in a pattern.I don’t live far from interstate i:30,800 yards.It actually looked as it was hovering over the street in front of me(house between me and that street)it’s exact shape is hard to give precise size,it was large because it blacked out a lot of sky,shape hard to say there were some tree limbs between us but in 30 seconds it shot off east faster than iv ever see anything and it made an abrupt stop,and at my view looked as it stopped around the intersection of military rd. and east st.And our two city water towers and then i could see a white beam of light pointing down. i also could be see and the red ones.Then it shot off east until out of site.This all happen within about 1 minute.

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