Black Triangle Sighting in Bellmead, Texas on 2017-01-12 20:25:00 – Triangle shaped perfectly spaced with three white brighten lights solid and fast ufo observed

I was driving southbound from hwy 6 going towards bellmead texas coming from falls county to get something to eat in the shopping center that is located by the walmart and interstate 35. we were on the outskirts of the city of bellmead still considered the country. when we spotted a good size moving object that was bright with three bright lights from underneath it and it seemed to hover and then seemed to be following alongside of us well in bellmead off of hwy 7 also known as loop 340. it finally circled around and went back into the sky line as it dimmed it’s lights after it did a circle and shot off very fast but the lights under the ship faded out as it turned to go back upwards into the sky line. we both were shocked and just knew that it was not a helicopter or airplane or even someone’s drone. it was the real thing and we were surprised to get the chance to see it up close and very personal for us. i first noticed the object because of my eye sight was catching the strange craft as it seemed to keep a distance from us but certainly was very impressive till it decided to go back up and do something else and sped off very fast.

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