UFO Sighting in New Windsor, New York on 1996-07-18 00:00:00 – Saw what looked like a hugh rectangular craft

I was at pete and dollys tavern in new windsor ny pete the tavern owner went out the front door and called me,,he was excited,,,i went to see what was up and we saw this big object,,actua;lly just lights in a long rectangular shape,,,it wasnt going to fast,,,maybe 100 mph or less,,it got closser and started to turn right,,,to the west,,,this thing had been reported up and down the hudson river for a while,,,,anyway thats when about half way through their right turn they got screwwed up and lost formation and sort of broke formation ,,,then i could hear their engines,,,sounded like4 cylinder lycoming,,continental light plane engines,,,,it was definitly a faily large bunch of smalllightplanes flying in a close formation,,,,my cousin had told me about the big ufo he had seen in tomkins cove over the river a few weeks before, im reporting this just to show how some guys will try to fool people,,,,im a pilot with 1000 hours in light planes,,,j3 cubs and me 450 pratt powered stearman biplane so im very fermiler with like planes and their engine sounds,,,,we did get fuzzy views of a few of the planes in the dark,,probably because of ground lights,,,,i do have to hand it to them for their nerve flying in thedark without wing lights in formation,,,,the other reports i made were real ufos,,,but i just had to report the one fake ufo i saw,,,,,i went back in and had a few more beers then went out in my big kenworth sleeper cab truck and went to sleep;;;;;better that a dwi,,,,

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