UFO Sighting in Phoenix, Arizona on 1997-03-13 19:40:00 – Regarding the march 13, 1997 phoenix lights incident. was anyone abducted like i was?

On the date stated above i was cooking some food then suddenly my 2 children came running into the house that their was no more stars in the sky and to come that the stars were gone. so i went to take a look and they were correct. their we’re no stars in the sky it was just a full complete pattern of perfect small squares, knots and bolts that covered the entire sky it was like seeing underneath a well made car that covered the sky. the entire structure was as high a the top of my tree in my front yard. so i started to run down to the corner to see just how far this thing was when i suddenly stop to think like wait what the fuck? and as i thought that a voice in my head that sounded like my mother is alive and lived right around the corner from me saying “aw gone girl its no big deal,its just us, go and see how far this thing goes” so i felt like ya what’s the big deal its just them silly me. so i’m at the corner of the busiest street and theirs no cars, no sound, no insects sounds,no motor sound no sound nowhere! and i look to how far and this thing reaches to camelback mountain! that is the next city over, and i yell to my kids “wow this thing reaches to camelback mountain wow! when my daughter who would’ve been standing next me was all the way back at the door said to me “well i’m going in the house. as if she was scared or something and she would never act like that. that’s when i realized it was a huge mothership! at that moment i did not want the people that was in the mothership to know that i knew it was a mothership. so i didn’t look anymore and attempted to run to the door when i suddenly blacked out. and could not remember how i got in the house in fact my memory was completely wiped out until i saw a clip on youtube of the phoenix lights 14 years later! i immediately called my daughters and the first thing that came out of their mouth was. “oh my god mom i remember! why didn’t we talk about that incident!!!Its as if the moment we remember part of that incident? the whole entire incident came flooding into our minds. the children said i came in the house 3 hours later and said that i started to close the blinds/windows telling them not to go to windows. but i don’t remember doing that at all. i just wanna know if anybody else was abducted and if so what happen to them inside the ship?

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