UFO Sighting in Cypress, Texas on 2016-12-22 20:30:00 – I witnessed this with 3 other people. 8 star like things hovered over my head, but under the clouds right over our house. they looked like orions belt under the clouds. they moved slowly and hovered at times while changing shape.

I was sitting outside with 2 people. i saw it hovering under the clouds over my head with no sound. it looked like the constellation ursa major (big dipper) however it was under the clouds. lower than planes fly. we called my father outside because he was in the us air force. (he had never seen anything like it and had no clue as to what it could be.) it moved nw slowly. and changed formation slowly and changed direction and went sw. the lights were extremely bright like stars but had no sound. we live in the flight path of 3 different airports so we are used to planes flying all day and night. and the planes that fly as low as the ufo are extremely loud and vibrate our house. these had no vibration and no sound even though they were lower than planes. after changing formation they ascended up into the clouds and kept ascending until they became invisible to the naked eye. a couple of the lights spanned out separated from the rest then those two or three lights went more north while the others went more s sw and they all disappeared. all four people that were there were adults, we were not drinking or doing any drugs or anything like that.

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