UFO Sighting in London, England on 1973-08-14 12:30:00 – Chrome, cut diamond like, highly reflective surfaces, glinting in the sun light.

In 1973 i was 6 years old, (i know the year from other family events)
one brilliant summers day, there was a clear blue sky, no clouds, i was playing in the garden on my own when something caught my eye. it was a cut diamond shaped object wich was glistening in the sun.
i used to build model plastic planes as a young kid and knew it was nothing like i had ever seen before. so i stood watching it for quite some time. it appeared to just hang in the sky just left of the bright midday sun. i studied it and every now and then it flashed in the sun. it appeared to be a solid chrome metal thing that sat motionless in the sky. after quite some time i ran into the house with the intention of getting my father out to look at it as i was puzzled to what it was, but my dad was talking to my mum at the time and told me to be quiet. so i ran back out to the garden again and it was still there.
as i looked at it , it was about 12 inches to the left of the sun still reflecting off the sun. anyway as i was watching it, it just vanished in a blink of an eye.
i thought at the time that it must have traveled behind the sun as i couldn’t see where else it could have gone to.
later in life as i am now i think maybe it was possibly hiding behind the sun, but of course this sentance alone is just speculation.

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