UFO Sighting in Buffalo, Missouri on 2016-12-15 00:00:00 – They followed us then the lights all around changed and i seen them come up to car and asked them questions and they answer me and they held us in that other place it looks like earth but it’s not it took us over 8 hrs to go 30 miles

Ok well i guess you can say this isn’t my first encounter with this.We were home when i noticed we started feeling funny and i’ve been trough this before so i made my mother get up and we got into the car .Mind you that i have and all of my family have people watching us at all times. we went to my nephews house and talk to him about it and what was going on. i looked at his front door and could see them watching us .As we got ready to leave they were by the car. as we approached the car i drew my knife and jumped at them and we could hear them run in the weeds. then we went to my nephews property because i was scared to go home . when we stoped the lights around us went dim. and i could see what looked like heat waves in humanoid shape and told my mom. but she can’t see them. but she could see the lights in the sky moving.When the beings came up to the car an all around us and bumps under the car i put it in drive an they held us back,i guess so the ones under the car could get out . i asked my mom did u see them she said no. but she did hear them around us so i pulled into the talk grass. and here they came my mom could see the grass moving as they came up. but she can’t see them she said. as one came up to the car window i put a crack in the window and asked what it wanted but it said nothing. then i demand it answer me in jesus name. and asked if they were here for me and my drivers side mirror moved up and down. then i asked if they were here to heal me. and the mirror moved up and down. then i asked if they were children of god and if they knew jesus. my mirror moved in and out. then i asked if they were from satan, my mirror moved up and down . i drew my knife and put it in drive.But it didn’t matter what way we went we got right back where we had been and that went on for several hrs. it looked like we were on earth there’s house’s but not real people and they have strange eyes they have the white part but the center is all black with no other color. finally they let us go and we got home.Thank god.Cause i don’t like that other place.

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