UFO Sighting in Douglasville, Georgia on 2017-01-18 23:35:00 – Larg light with three strobing lights, hovered ,then moved forward then up into the clouds at a angle, fast!!

I was walking home from work at about 11:30 to 11:40 i saw a bright light in the sky, then i noticed three blinking light off to the right of the big light. all 4 lights were in a line at a angle, with the brighter light higher then the rest. i was not moving so i stopped to watch it, i flicked my lighter twice and the bright like got brighter almost like it pointed in my direction, this was unsettling so i called my brother to get him to come to me to see it, thats when it started moving, all the lights making me think it was one craft but i could only see the lights there was no outline or shape, moving the lights stayed in place at a angle moving forward, i dont know how far it moved but it must of been big to cover ground like the in such a short amount of time, then it shot strate up at at incredible speeds, lighting up the clouds as it passed through them. i dont know what i just saw but it made no sound as it moved.It was off to the right of big tower power lines.

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