UFO Sighting in Miramar, Florida on 2017-01-18 23:20:00 – Intense pulsating red light hovering then abrupt directional changes, shed a smaller white light

I was walking my dogs when i noticed the intensity of the red light hovering in the sky. the light pulsated. i would estimate it was 2 to 5 miles away, over the everglades. the movement was like you typically hear of ufo’s with abrupt direction changes. at one point i saw a less intense white light come from the red light. the white light descended downward and within seconds it disappeared. the whole event lasted less than 3 minutes before the red light descended below the roof line and i lost sight. my first reaction when seeing the intensity of the light was curiosity. when the light made 3 abrupt changes in direction going from motionless to a quick constant speed with no natural acceleration, i immediately thought ufo. upon reflection i’m convinced this was a ufo.

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