UFO Sighting in Somerset, Kentucky on 1990-06-30 00:00:00 – Saw the light wandering in woods, paused when i spoke to husband then rocketed to top of mountain,shot straight up into sky and was gone.

My husband and i were sitting outside on the porch in the dark listening to the night sounds. it was 11:30 or later and a common practice for us. the neighbors dogs started barking and it almost sounded like they were terrified. we glanced across the valley in that direction and saw a light wandering through the woods not very high off the ground, maybe as tall as someone carrying a light. it wandered out of the woods and to the edge of the pasture.
i turned to my husband and said, “oh, it’s just some hunters hunting.” he said, “it’s somebody doing something but they aren’t hunting.” the moment we got done speaking the light froze, then it took a silent run/flight straight up a mountainside to the highest peak, shot straight into the air and disappeared. i again turned to my husband and said,”what the heck was that?”
the orb was around 2 ft. in diameter and glowed a greenish color. there was no way anything should have been able to hear us at that distance across the valley. i have never seen anything as fast as that orb. the territory and path it took was rocky with downed fences and trees everywhere,rough territory. it didn’t hit a thing, slow it’s speed or make a sound. this happened a long time ago but i will never forget it. i got the impression that whatever it was heard us and was afraid.

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