UFO Sighting in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario on 2007-01-01 02:00:00 – Sighted 3 orange,glass-like orbs @ 300 yards over treeline..They popped up..”saw” me, then spiraled toward me.

I was visiting family outside of town..Small, rural, spread out community by the saint mary’s river. beautiful night, cold, clear and moonlit. i walk all the time, just for fun and excercize..Could not sleep so i got up and saw how light and beautiful it was outside and went for a small walk, i have always been an outdoors person, and love the clear winter air. i walked 50 yards from my family’s home and to my right was a field
i stopped to enjoy the sparkling moonlit snow on the field then i saw 3 orbs pop up over the treeline..I thought..Streetlights? they had the same color as the ugly orange streetlights..But there was no roads for streetlights..As soon as they rose above the treeline, they seemed to “see” me and slowly started to spiral toward me. they looked like orange glowing glass balls with a star in the middle (white,bright). in formation they spiraled toward me..Then another family member called out my name..He was following me because he did not understand why i would just up and want to go for as walk at 2:00 a.M on a cold winter night in the middle of nowhere..My desire to go out was outsized..I felt i must at all costs go for a walk! he called out my name and as soon as he did that..The orbs disappeared..All i can say is..I think he saved my life. i was alone and totally vulnerable..He said he thought he saw something..But i know i did.

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