UFO Sighting in Yukon, Oklahoma on 2017-01-18 00:00:00 – 2 bright red lights like car headlights, size unknown

Sitting on my back yard patio, noticed a red light approx 5 miles away to the n.W. approx 4-5000 ft in altitude. lights are not uncommon as planes always pass thru this area going to city airports. this object did not move for 2 minutes, this is why i paid more attention. i got my binoculars, that’s when i saw the object had 2 red lights like car headlights. the object after being stationary for several minutes made a rapid move north, maybe 1-2 miles in 5 seconds. stayed stationary again for a minute, slowly moved back to original position. stayed a couple minutes, then started moving slowly,50-60 mph to the northwest, flew maybe 8 miles, lights beginning to dim a little due to distance. then as if in reverse, flew back over same path to original spot where i first noticed the lights. stayed stationary a couple minutes, then the best part happened, it moved east, slowly, then rapidly descended at an angle due east going from approx 4-5000 ft in altitude to less then 500 ft in 10 seconds, at this point i lost visual because the light descended to the point the roof of the house behind blocked the vision of the lights. i watched for it’s return to rise above the neighborhood houses for 10 minutes and gave up. it was night so i have so no visual other then lights. this is the 4th time i have witnessed something very unusual, last time was 15 years ago and that was the ultimate experience. i’m sending this to see if anyone else reported this sighting, i’m not asking if aliens exist, i know they do.

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