Black Triangle Sighting in Canton, North Carolina on 2017-01-20 00:00:00 – Saw two bright lights to the east slowly moving west then out of nowhere was this triangle shaped craft slowly moving

I was driving down newfound around 10:55-11:00 pm heading towards canton and off to my left i noticed two bright orbs. at first i thought wow someones porch lights are bright but the closer into view i got i realized that it wasn’t porch lights. i slowed down trying to figure out what it was then the orbs came closer and closer then suddenly it was three orbs in the shape of a triangle. it slowly came up the side road and hoovered for a second over exit 33. the craft was probably 10 to 14 feet wide triangle shaped , black, and had one light under the front and two in the back. i lost sight of it as i got onto the interstate heading west.

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