UFO Sighting in Eiterfeld, Hessen on 2017-01-21 00:00:00 – on one place and then it hovered very slowly to the right and from one of another secund it was gone

Yesterday as my husband and i came from shopping at home , we saw a round light that was falling down the sky! i said to him: let us show where it is! than we drive along the forest to the next village! and than it stands on the sky and shined very bright! and i think it it is so near! i guess it was lesser than 50 meters from the houses! and my husband means! it is enough i don’t believe in ufo ‘a ! and drive back home. from home i could it see it still 30 minutes, than it was gone!
today i came from feed my chickens at 7 pm as i saw it again ! my nephew canes to the same time to me ! and i showed him the objekt and ask him that we had seen this yesterday too and a friend from the village near us had seen it too! then we want to see it nearer and we drive to the light! but it was to far away ! and after 30 minutes we drive back home again! and from home i could see it until 8:20 pm ! than it was go away ! and i have post it with photo and video on facebook and any people from my surrounding has seen it too !

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