UFO Sighting in Naturita, Colorado on 2017-01-16 00:00:00 – White light fly’s in 34 of circle. 20 min later red and blue light begin to touch ground like plane than disappear.

Coming on bus home from school event and 10 min into the drive i noticed a light go up like a ball being thrown in an arch shape and blink out 34 into the fall. then it did the same thing but more to the right. i thought this was strange so looked around to see if anyone else was saw what i saw. no one did but everyone was either asleep or having a loud, involved conversation so i wouldnt expect them to be looking out the windows. after i saw the lights and turned to see if anyone saw it i checked the other windows to see if there were any lights or things that could be reflecting on the window to make some sort of illusion. there weren’t any lights or anything that could make some sort of illusion. about 10 minutes later i saw one blue light and one red light begin to land like a plane but blink out before it could. i estimated how fast it was going and i guess it was going 40-50 mph. too fast for a plane to be landing. the lights were stable and appeared to be on the same craft. i saw the bluered thing over an area where there are lots of crops and farming land. the only thing i could think the bluered ufo could be is maybe a crop dusting plane. but crop dusting usually takes place during the day. we eventually hit some mountains and i could not see them anymore.

when i saw the first one i was listening to a podcast about paranormal things like ufos bigfoot ghosts and those sort of things. maybe the podcast got me into some sort of state of mind that made me think that these lights were more than they really were.

i was feeling very tired before i saw the first ufo and not necessarily thinking about any particular thing. after i saw the first one i was very dumbfounded and confused about what i just saw. my mind went into overdrive trying to make sense of what i saw trying to logically explain it. i can’t think of many things that can explain what i saw.
i would not lie about this. i take this field and many others very seriously but also skeptically.

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