UFO Sighting in Wallace, North Carolina on 2017-01-19 20:01:00 – A white light that took off faster then you could blink.

When i came in from work,my 2 girls rush me a the door. my kids love to look at the stars. one is 15 and the other is 9…They walk to the front door that night just to look out like any other night but my oldest said they seen the star or what they though was a star because it was brighter then any other they called my wife to look at how bright the star was, my wife was washing dishes as my oldest look around the door where my 9 years old was still watching befor my oldest could trun her head to look back at the light it was gone she ask her sister were did it go my youngest eye got real big and side it shot off to the right noone could see it anymore.My youngest told me what she seen and she said daddy i have never seen something fly away that fast her eyes stared watering up. i had never seen this look before she has seen something that has changed her way about what you could be looking at in the sky…About three moy ago my wife and kids went to the store on the way back.I was at the house my wife was blowing the horn for me to go outside when i got out there the night was a little cloudy but not raining we could see a light over the cloud but we could not see what it was…I would say it was lightning but the lights never went out it just stayed on over the cloud for about10 minutes…It was night but our phone could not pick it up.

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