UFO Sighting in Bad Deutsch-Altenburg, Lower Austria on 2017-01-20 17:41:00 – A bright, white light flying rapidly overhead while driving

Ufo sighting 2017-01-20, austria, state of lower austria, 16:41h utc, 17:41h local time (cet)

nocturnal lights – two people witness a bright, white light flying rapidly over them at low altitude while driving.

state road (“landesstrasse”) b49 (aka “bernsteinstrasse”), driving direction south.

location lat 48 deg 9.010 n, long 16 deg 54.331 e

it was a starry, clear sky.

temperature: -7 deg c. wind: east, 1.0m/s, visibility 6.0km (schwechat airport)

car’s speed ca 80km/h at time of sighting, then increasing to ca 100km/h

while i am driving on the b49 on the ramp heading up to the bridge crossing the river danube, i call out to my girlfriend and passenger: “what’s that!?” pointing my finger to a white, bright light moving into sight in the upper right corner of the windshield.

i took notice of the light since it was shining strongly and moving. for a split of a second, i thought it was a reflection in the windshield, but it was too bright and moved in a way that did not match any reflections.

the two of us follow the light for approx. 2 seconds as it disappeared beyond the tree line/beyond the other side of the river.

the light was very bright, white in colour, like a star. it did not have any halo, but sharp contours. no other colours or blinking lights were visible.

my girlfriend had a better view of the object than me, who had to focus on the traffic, and she estimates the object to be two fingers wide on arms length as it disappeared over the trees/other side of the river. she made a drawing of the object a few minutes after the sighting and a computer graphic of that drawing is included.

what she saw resembles two parallel rectangles above each other, both wider than taller having the same width, with the bottom one taller than the top one. both rectangles shone with even light and were connected via a thinner, less shining “rod”. the whole assembly was slightly tilted to the right. we believe this view represents the object from the rear.

the object flew fairly parallel to the road on a southern trajectory, see attached map.

both of us were impressed how fast the object passed over us and disappeared. no noise was noticed. we felt a bit excited after the sighting.

the objects altitude:
hard to estimate in the darkness. we guess above 300m and below 1000m.

the objects speed:
the distance from losing the object to reaching the beginning of the bridge, with a clear view of the river and the opposite side, was no more than 300m. the object must have covered at least 2000m during the same time to be hidden from view due to the terrain, likely much further since it must’ve had some altitude as well.

with these pessimistic figures, the object was at least 6.7 times faster than us, who were traveling at approx. 90km/h (we increased speed after the sighting to approx 100km/h, the max allowed on this road). the object’s velocity at ground must thus have been at least 600km/h to be able to disappear from view as we reached the beginning of the bridge.

if though our view was indeed not completely blocked by the trees and the object disappeared from sight due to the terrain on the opposite side of the river, which is likely due to that we did not see any light shine through the tree tops whatsoever as it disappeared, the object had covered a distance of over 2000m in 2 seconds, equaling a velocity of at least 1000m/s or 3600km/h.

the location of the sighting is 25km east of the vienna airport (schwechat) and 6km north of the airfield spitzerberg. after talking to head of operations at the airfield 22nd of jan, 2017 10:00h, any operations after dark can be excluded, they are not flying then.

no matching commercial airline flights can be found anywhere close to the area hours before or after the sighting using a flight tracking site.

the rescue helicopters operating in this area are eurocopter ec 135 t2’s. they do not match what we saw.

we are living close by and have been traveling on this road and bridge thousands of times.

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