UFO Sighting in Everett, Washington on 2017-01-21 15:52:00 – I took my dog outside and noticed a pattern in the sky breaking through the clouds thats looked like a face of sunlight breaking through the clouds

I took my dog outside and noticed a unique pattern of lights coming through the clouds at first it looked like a glowing face. i grabbed my cellphone and took a couple of pictures. when i zoomed in on the pictures i noticed a bluegreen orb of light that moved incredibly fast from one picture to the next. these pictures were taken seconds apart. i have never seen a bluegreen orb of light like this before and after careful consideration,i decided to report it. when i first noticed the lights through the clouds i was in awe at the beauty of the play of light, once i noticed the bluegreen orb in the pictures and its seemingly very rapid movement i was concerned.

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