UFO Sighting in Titusville, Florida on 2017-01-19 20:15:00 – Close, horizontal, meteor like streak,yellow/green color, just before disappearing you could see a form shrouded in the bright meteor like light.

My husband and i were in the viewing bleachers for the launch of the atlas v rocket carrying a missile detecting satellite on jan 19, 2017. we were in a launch delay. i was standing in the bleachers and others were sitting. i was staring a the sky as i had heard that ufo’s sometimes are around launches.
i was looking towards the east and suddenly i saw a extremely bright yellow/green light and it was wide, and it was close, it was horizontal to the ground, and it streaked by us. i yelled “look” and people in the stands caught a glimpse. i was so fast that many missed it, but some didn’t.
the woman behind me who was sitting down and just caught a glimpse said it was a meteor, i said no there was something in it.
just before the yellow/green steak of light vanished, for a fleeting bit of a second i saw part of something metallic, it had a seam, and a shape that was rounded. but the yellow/green light obscured all but a small part of the object. i know what i saw and there was definitely something in that light.
the launch was scrubbed by the way due to a wayward aircraft in the flight path of the rocket so we all got on the buses and left. but i was still filled with excitement as i believe that was a ufo.
i checked the web and cannot find any record of a meteor on that night.

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